Enjoy building faster, latency-free products with FPGAs

We created a new toolset to build your products with ease and efficiency


We started Synflow in 2012 with the purpose of democratizing FPGAs. FPGAs are hardware chips than can be reprogramed. An FPGA offers the flexibility of software and the performance of hardware. This technology is just perfect to build serious applications and real time embedded systems such as 3D image processing machines, real time big data analyzers, drones.

Have fun building the next Big Thing

This is how it used to be.

This is the Synflow framework

This is also the Synflow framework

We worked with both hardware developers and software developers to build a language - called Cx - that is easy to learn and to use (getting rid of ageing hardware languages), and an SDK that compiles the Cx language into hardware code as efficient as handwritten code.

Three simple steps

- 1 -
Download and install the SDK. Learn everything with our online course.

- 2 -
Get applications on the marketplace.

- 3 -
Deploy your product
and sell it.

Customer feedback

"I like what I see so far. Seems like a 10X boost in my productivity."

- Senior hardware designer (USA)

"It took me one hour to understand the concept of the Cx language and to start creating my system."

- Entrepreneur and software developer (USA)

"Your software is really great. It's the only toolchain that just works. Other languages (...) have a fairly painful user experience"

- Principal Engineer (UK)

Connect and control everything in real time

Most development boards with a FPGA lack connectivity or come at a high price. The Synflow board is the exact opposite, it's the world first affordable Wi-Fi and BLE enabled development board with an FPGA. You will be able to build better and faster embedded systems like drones, trading systems, machine learning processors.

Technical specifications

About us

We are a team passionate about technology, connected things, and innovative industries. We started enjoying programmable logic in 2012 and we're having fun creating new applications and making everything easy and fun. We're based in the south of France and in the US and we hope to see you there!